Crocodile tail fillet medallions

Crocodile tail fillet medallions

Simply marinated in Vietnamese style with oil, lemongrass, shallot, ginger and fish sauce, these are outstanding in taste when grilled over charcoal also.

Marinated crocodile, per person:

180g crocodile tail fillet medallions
30ml peanut oil (or vegetable, sunflower etc)
10g finely chopped lemongrass
20g peeled shallots, chopped/crushed
10g fresh ginger root, peeled, grated & crushed
5ml fish sauce (Phu Quoc Vietnamese or Thai)
1-2g black peppercorns, freshly crushed
3 ea Kaffir lime leaf (deep fry in clean oil at 160C until crispy)

The perfect match for this was a simple salad of freshly diced ripe red tomato tossed with toasted sesame seed and Vietnamese cang kua leaf – a very tasty local salad green with prominent but harmonious flavour.


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