BBQ crocodile fillet skewers with    lemongrass and kaffir lime sea salt flakes

BBQ crocodile

These are very tasty  skewers of crocodile  tail meat,  barbecue over charcoal or hot rocks, and seasoned with MY Khe Beach sea salt flakes with lemongrass and kaffir lime.

Per person:

180g crocodile tail fillet
3 skewers
5g sea salt flakes with kaffir lime or lemongrass

Get  an airtight  plastic container,  such as  tupperware.  Put sea salt flakes in  (your choice). Add torn kaffir  lime leaves  and knotted  lemongrass, lightly  bruised. Put the lid on and  shake for a  few seconds. Shake daily, and after 4 -5 days it will  be ready.

Served this with a really refreshing and memorable salad of:
Shredded fresh coconut meat
Toasted cashew nuts
Condensed milk

And then it was topped it off with deep fried taro crisps so we have a few temperatures and textures on the plate. This one is really nice to eat.



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